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We help companies define their products and services, build business and marketing strategies, test and implement them. Based on the needs and expectations of our clients, we show them the way to scale their business. All in the spirit of lean methodology.

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In less than 4 years of operation, we have had the pleasure of working with over 120 clients from all over the world (e.g. Venezuela, Singapore, Zimbabwe, USA, UK, Germany) and have built a strong recognition among both startups (Harimata, Doctify, LexStep) and corporations (T-Mobile, Nationale Nederlanden, ING). Our work has been awarded by Apple, Strong Woman in IT and Brief.

We are unique

We work in sprints - the effects can be seen from the first days of cooperation

We validate hypotheses to make sure they work

We operate on the basis of our own analytical and research tools

We experiment and test to find and select the best solution

We analyze your organization holistically.

We deliver value working in lean methodology

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Our values

Be Lean

Be Lean

We look for simple solutions, experiment and question the status quo. We rely on our own experience supported by tests, because there are no solutions that always work everywhere.

Be Kind

Be Kind

We treat other people (in a team, clients, community) with respect and empathy. We try to understand why they act as they do. We always assume good intentions.

Be Humble

Be Humble

We remember that we don't know everything. It is worth learning from others, even if our first impression is different. It is always possible to build more from common experiences than from individual ones.

Be Open

Be Open

We're not afraid of risks and serious decisions. We are open to novelty and change. We remember that innovation is key in our business and fear of the new is its biggest blocker.

Be honest

Be honest

We are sincere, we work ethically, we do not copy anyone's work while respecting intellectual contributions. High work ethic and honesty in our relations with our customers is our distinguishing feature.

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