+25 to workshops equipment, a list of 25 tools for remote collaboration

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How to conduct REMOTE WORKSHOPS effectively? (25 tools + scenario template)


Conducting kick-off workshops at the start of each project is as sure as death and taxes. What if we can’t meet the client face-to-face? Often, we can do nothing but carry out remote workshops.

Is is possible to carry out remote workshops effectively?

Definitely yes! Not only experience in running standard workshops comes to the rescure in this task (I encourage you to read about “How to tailor the workshop to the client’s needs” and “How to start a project when nobody knows anything“), but a set of specialized online tools as well, due to which we efficiently run several remote workshops lasting several hours every week.

At some point, our internal know-how was got so extensive that we realized we need to share it with the whole world 🙂

And that’s how our e-book was made “+25 to workshop equipment, a list of 25 tools for remote cooperation (+ kick-off workshop walkthrough)”, whose author is Joanna Ostafin.


Why should you buy our e-book about remote workshop tools?

  • This e-book is about the essence of remote workshop tools available on the market. Thanks to the knowledge it contains, you’ll be able to choose the tool that suits you and your needs best, without wasting time testing each of them individually.
  • It was written by co-founder and Lean UX Strategist, Joanna Ostafin, who worked using workshops and strategically with dozens of clients throughout Poland and around the world. Asia has extensive experience in this field, she’s a practitioner and uses online tools on a daily basis.
  • Except from the extensive tool list, this e-book also contains checklists and templates that you can use, one-to-one, at your workshops. This is a very huge value!

What does this e-book include?

1. “What to remember when organizing remote workshops?” checklist

2. A set of 25 online tools, divided into categories according to the possibility of their use:

    1. 👩‍🏫 Collaboration
    2. 💬 Communication
    3. 👌🏻 Moderation
    4. 🗓️ Planning

3. Sample kick-off of the project – kick-off workshop walkthrough, along with a ready-to-use template.

The list includes only the tools for remote workshops that we have tested and which have at least the basic free version – so that everyone can try them before first use!

Furthermore, the e-book is full of usage examples and screenshots that will help you visualize what exactly is the tool for. The specifics only!

We donate money to hospitals!

Due to the currect situation, we decided to donate 50% of the income from the first month of e-book publication to the University Hospital at Maciej Jakubowski St in Krakow

Buying = helping


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