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Business strategy for your company

The business strategy will support you in achieving your business goals quickly and effectively, while minimizing unnecessary costs.

Within business strategies, we focus on the key activities that bring the greatest benefits and translate directly into profits.

Based on research, analysis and workshops, we develop a unique value that you offer your clients. This will increase the effectiveness of your team, who will know exactly where they are going and what to do.

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When to go for a business strategy?

When you don't have one yet when your business is no longer growing when you plan to change your business mode when your product doesn't sell when you don't know your target group when you need a diagnosis what doesn't work in your business when you would like to enter a new market when you plan to launch a new product/service when you would like to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company

How can we help you?

By working based on your resources and needs and on our knowledge and expertise
By conducting research and workshops to identify among other things, the strengths of your business and areas for improvement
By analyzing your market and competition
By developing an effective, complementary, coherent business strategy matching your needs and resources
By providing you with a tactical plan & recommendations for immediate action

and finally...

by letting your business grow.

The process

Meeting or a call
Getting to know you, your project, team, your goals and priorities, and the challenges you meet are crucial for a great cooperation. We consider all of this. We hate briefs - do you?
Research & Workshops
When creating a business strategy, the most important thing is to know your needs, that's why we start our cooperation with an introductory (kick-off) workshop, during which we set the goals, team roles, values and the principles of cooperation. At this stage, we also conduct research, among others, on your team members, your clients or potential clients, to gather the necessary data about the target group of the product or service.
To ensure that the implementation of the business strategy brings the expected results, we develop it using facts and data obtained during the analysis phase. At this stage we conduct the analysis of: the market, competition, benchmarks, target group, value proposition (UVP), business model or problem-solution fit. With the information acquired, we are able to create an effective strategy that will let you grow your business.
Before we deliver the strategy to you, we first validate it against the market to make sure it's effective. At this stage, we perform SWOT analysis, the validation of the persona and value proposition (UVP), market strategy testing or the validation of the developed assumptions against your vision. The validation of the developed assumptions guarantees that the strategy we have created will support you in achieving your business goals.
Business strategy
Based on the research, analysis and market validation we will develop a strategy for you that will let you grow your business. To make the implementation of the strategy simple for you, we also include a tactical plan to each strategy, in which you will find specific actions to be taken to achieve the goals set in the strategy.

Pushing us out from our comfort zone by Project People team led to increasing our leads number by 900% and helped us double the size of our company in less than a half a year.

Wiktor Żołnowski,  CEO,  Pragmatic Coders Pragmatic Coders

When we met with Project: People, I was in disarray. I had a cool idea that seemed to work, but also a terrible mess in the development strategy, marketing strategy, and the operation of my course website. Thanks to the various stages of work with Project: People, we developed order (...). Results - the course has recently exceeded PLN 100,000.

Piotr Nabielec,  CEO,  Produktywni.pl

All tasks related to both strategic issues and tactical execution were performed in a timely and reliable manner. Additionally, the company reacted quickly and flexibly to changes in projects and took pride in their results.

Jakub Probola,  Products Innovation Director,  T-Mobile

Honesty convinced me and professionalism made me stay. (...) If only I was lucky and discovered them sooner!As an entrepreneur with 16 years of experience, I recommend them to everyone. This is the best investment in the future of the company.

Mariusz Gawecki,  Founder Owner & Managing Director,  GBG Building Services Ltd

Together with Project: People we have worked on our marketing and business strategy. Within 5 weeks of our cooperation, we managed to create a fresh vision, specify the most important segments of our organization, structure our offer and develop a marketing plan we are currently carrying out. We highly recommend Project: People, they are definitely worth working with!

Rafał Dados & Szymon Tochowicz,  CEO,  Eveneum

We went a very nice way, thanks to which we saved a lot of money and time on things that were not effective for our business. Grzegorz and Beata were deeply committed to squeezing the maximum potential out of our business.

Kamil Stepaniak,  Co-Founder,  Schoolio

We fell in love with them for the American style / approach to partners, which is reflected in great communication, openness and information flow.

Jakub Pająk,  CEO,  Harveo

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