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Is Project: People afraid of the crisis? After the last action during the two-day Social Media Week Warsaw conference, you can only confirm that we have never been afraid of the crisis and we know how to deal with it;)

Crisis? What crisis?

The opinions of experts differ. Some recognize that market data prove a steady, slow development of the market and they don’t see the crisis. There are also, for example, analysts who predicted the crisis in 2008 and see an analogy to the symptoms already visible today. The latter claim that the crisis may affect us already in 2020. You can read more about this subject, among others on the Businessinsider and Project Syndicate websites .

However, the topic of the upcoming crisis has motivated us to recall the necessity of having a strategy which, in the face of crisis, may prove to be a key element deciding on the company’s existence.

#FightOrDie, or our fight against the crisis

We have thus adopted in Project: People the warrior’s attitude in and we set ourselves the goal of encouraging companies to act in a strategic way. How? On the occasion of one of the largest marketing conferences in Poland – Social Media Week Warsaw organized by Social Media Now, we conducted a campaign about strategies that companies can take in response to the crisis. The main theme of the action was the movie Rocky. Boxing gloves got into use and we planned and carried out, in a week-long sprint, an educational campaign under the slogan #FightOrDie.

#FightOrDie in a week

While creating the campaign, we used our proprietary Lean Marketing Sprint process. We have prepared and carried out the entire campaign within exactly 6 days.  Lean Marketing Sprint is based on a couple of principles:

  1. Theme

The campaign should have theme which would be a motivating and comprehensible for everyone. In the case of this campaign, it was the boxing fight. And gloves have become its symbol. Why gloves? Boxing gloves are symbolise fighting, not giving up and hard work. That was the way we’ve chosen to show our fight against the crisis. We’ve decided to present ourselves in gloves in which we fight strongly and effectively to finally defeat the crisis with one strong blow, namely the strategy.

Based on this, we have created all visual materials: landing page, video, graphics, etc.

2. Community involvement

As part of the campaign, we involved not only companies that were present at the #SMWWarsaw conference, but also their participants. Before the conference companies received packages with gloves and an invitation to join the action and show how they help to fight the crisis at

Conference participants were involved during the event by invitation to have photos with gloves, take up a fun fight with other participants and engage in discussions with conference partners on how to fight the crisis.

3. Focus on selected channels

Within the campaign, we focused on operating in a few selected marketing channels. We’ve put most of our energy into strong presence in Twitter and Instagram. Gaining the appropriate reach was easier thanks to the involvement of speakers, participants and conference partners who not only shared posts, but also posted their own materials from the action (video, gifs, photos).


The result was impressive – in just 6 days we carried out campaign that conquered Instagram and Twitter during the conference, won us great partners (including Social Media Now, SMSAPI, More Bananas, Leaders Island, Grupa 3S, Simplinves, Sentimenti, Brand24, Monika Czaplicka (, Mateusz Muryjas (, Franciszek Bazyli Georgiew i Daniel Kot (Social Tigers), Piotr Chmielewski (Social Media Now), Marek Oczkowski (SMSAPI), Patrycja Górecka-Butora (Whitepress), Szymon Mierzwa, Rafał Myślinski (Suchar Codzienny), Wizualna Strona Karoliny, Paulina Worożbit, Dominika Pliszka, Ilona Sieradzka, Edyta Krzyczman), and also translated into specific inquiries about our services and the services of our partners.

We would like to thank all our partners for their positive energy and commitment. A big thanks also goes to all members of the Project: People team who supported the campaigns: Paweł Nawara (design), Paulina Drygała (logistics), Tomasz Osowski (ads).

business strategy

The #FightOrDie campaign was our next campaign implemented in Lean Marketing Sprint, a weekly process during which we can design and carry out a marketing campaign achieving the previously set goals. If you are interested in the topic, I encourage you to read the articles in which we described in more detail this particular process: Marketing in the sprint, or what can be achieved in a week, Marketing in the sprint, or how to build a marketing campaign in a week or the case study KRKBot learned all the secrets of Krakow.

And how did the action look day after day? Check it out!

Day 1

A team discussion took place to decide on the form and presentation of the action at the forthcoming Social Media Week Warsaw conference, where we were planning to go with almost the entire marketing team. Beata prepared a detailed tactical plan in which each of us was assigned to specific tasks. On the first day a simple landing page with the action description was created, we set up a list of potential partners of our campaign and we contacted them by sending a short e-mail. In the meantime, we purchased boxing gloves, to furtherly send them to partners on the next business day with a short letter describing the upcoming campaign.

business strategy

Day 2

The gloves were sent and graphic materials together with posts for the whole duration of the conference were created.

We also created an offer for our potential clients, in which we proposed four options for how to fight the crisis:

– creating a strategy for a strong marketing strategy,

– strategy for entering a new market,

– building a new product,

– strategic audit and repair plan.

Day 3

In the morning we shot a video, we made a group photos that we furtherly made available on our channels on the day of the beginning of the action and we got in touch with the partners to whom the boxing gloves were sent. Our campaign was finally supported by 7 partners: Social Media Now, SMSAPI, More Banasas, Leaders Island, Szymon Mierzwa, Simplinvest, Sentimenti oraz Brand24 🙂

business strategy
business strategy
business strategy

Day 4

We created ads for Facebook, which were displayed to people taking part in the conference, we added the latest information from our partners to the website

business strategy

Day 5 and 6

On Thursday morning, being on the road to Warsaw, we changed our covers on social media channels and shared posts about the action. When we arrived at the conferences, we hung gloves around our neck and we started the #FightorDie actions 🙂

During the two days of Social Media Week we got completely absorbed by conversations with speakers, organizers and participants, where we described in short talks what our action is and we encouraged them to take a photo with gloves and to fight the crisis together.

We put each photo immediately on our Instastory together with the hashtag #FightOrDie and we tagged photographed people. Our fighters could thus share them within their relations, what was made, among others, by Monika Czaplicka (, Social Media Now, Franciszek Georgiew (Social Tigers) czy Szymon Mierzwa ( This made our action become more and more recognizable – in the end, we gained a 21,000 reach in social media.

business strategy
business strategy

After reactions, photos and comments, we can confidently say that the action was received positively and that we managed to confirm that non-standard campaigns are our specialty. We also got some private messages with impressions about the action;)

business strategy
business strategy
business strategy
business strategy
business strategy
business strategy
business strategy

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Project team, i.e. who was responsible for what

Author of the Case Study

Daria Bodziony Lean Marketing Consultant
Helps clients develop their brands and digital products through marketing activities (social media, content marketing, strategies, ADS, SEO) based on research and analysis of the target group and the development of UVP brand.

She gained experience in marketing, as a Virtual Assistant and through her own business. She has created and continues to develop the portal, where she is a project manager. She manages her own team and manages projects implemented by the portal. She is a certified Business Coach.

She loves to get involved in various social actions, so she is actively involved in organizing events, field games, taking photos and videos.

Other members of the team

Beata Mosór-Szyszka CEO & Lean Strategist
Beata is a strategist, marketer and lean consultant with over 14 years of experience in the international market.

She helps companies create and/or optimize their business model, and translate it into effective strategies, tactics and specific actions. She is the author of Lean Marketing Sprint, a method for creating marketing campaigns, and Values Poker, a tool for working with values.

As a speaker Beata performs at Polish and international conferences (e.g. Lean Startup Days Paris, VC night by Viva Technology, Open Living Lab).

Beata also has experience in organizing and designing acceleration programs such as Google LaunchPad Warsaw & WARP by Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile & Cisco.
Katarzyna Golonka Lean Marketing Consultant
In business for five years, during which she managed a team of over a dozen people, created cycles of business events, co-created and managed the company. Currently, she specializes in Content Marketing and Personal Branding.

She helps companies to find their own "I" in business and to communicate it externally (marketing & business strategy).

Involved in numerous social activities. She is a certified Business Coach. She conducts workshops on the overlap of strategy & marketing. Author of texts for industry portals, including New Marketing, Marketing in Practice, E-commerce & Digital Marketing.
Paulina Ostafin Lean Marketing Consultant
She works mainly in the field of social media, content marketing and PR. She gained her experience on previous positions in various companies (startups, small companies, and now, Project: People) and continuous to develope. She loves people, creative solutions, and coming out of her comfort zone. She eagerly undertakes every task and likes to set the bar high. She is passionate about all kinds of running, starting with Runmageddon, 100m sprints and Project: People sprints.
Grzegorz Górzyński Lean Marketing Consultant & Strategist
Creates and helps clients develop their marketing and business strategies.

He has gained experience in NGOs, corporations, startups, SMEs and agencies, thanks to which he looks at business holistically. He has worked with Facebook Inc. on the Global Developer Circles project.

He has trained several hundred people in marketing, social media and validation of business ideas. He stood on the stage of, among others, Social Media Week Warsaw, BOSS Festival, PR Camp.

He loves Lean Startup approach, travel and good food.