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Website redesign for Omni Calculator – the leader in online calculators (Behance)

When Omni Calculator came to us, we knew that we had to create a branding strategy that would conquer the world. And it worked. The new logotype and look of the website designed based on the needs of users, allowed for a fast development of the brand. Currently, the Omni Calculator team has a website that records over a million page views a month and you can find almost 800 calculators from different categories. It is impressive, isn’t it? See how the whole process looked in a graphical summary.

The Client
Omni Calculator
The aim
redesign strony, nowy branding
Q1-Q2 2017
Number of sprints
Number of people in the project

Project summary – in figures and more


page views a month


calculators from different categories


people involved in the project

And this is how the cooperation with us was evaluated by the client:

Project: People helped us in three areas – branding, website redesign and promotion of one of our marketing calculators. We are very pleased with the results in each of these fields.

The new logo of Justyna’s work is simple, pleasing to the eye, semantically interesting and available in several forms that inherit common elements.

The redesign by Asia and Tomek had a great reception – the website is visually attractive, and enjoys a unique, and yet, very practical element (a calculator that follows the scrolled page). But above all, we managed to improve our key metrics (if memory serves me correct, the bounce rate improved by 8%).

Beata and Zuza carried out a promotional campaign for the calculator “budding” (“how much sex do you need to burn off Fat Thursday’s donuts”). They surprised us in several places – a methodical approach that takes into account (which is not obvious) the nature of what we do. A rich repertoire of activities and a solid performance (even the smallest success was turned into small infographics and thrown into FB). And above all, the intensity of execution on the day of the action. From morning to evening they threw info into dozens of places. If I remember correctly, for most of the day with Facebook alone, we constantly had over 100 people on the site. We were everywhere. Their action has resulted in some nice articles (Playboy, Spider’s Web, Radio Zet), over 500 likes and shares on FB, a presence on Radio ESKA and a jump in street cred by at least two levels 🙂 I highly recommend. 

Mateusz Mucha, CEO

Project team, i.e. who was responsible for what

Author of the Case Study

Joanna Ostafin Co-founder & Lean UX Strategist
Co-founder of Project: People, co-founder of the Krakow Design Initiative (KID), organizer of DesignWays Conf.

As a Lean UX Strategist, she deals with... disagreeing with her clients - she supports them in verifying ideas for new products, services or businesses. She helps them to move from "innovative idea" to "real product", validating the assumptions based on business and strategic competences, UX, UI, Service Design and Lean.

Sincerely in love with the Lean approach (Lean Startup & Lean UX & Lean UX & Lean UX Research). She believes in workshops and collective building of projects, solving problems and generating ideas.

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